In 21st century America, there are two things that are absolutely true. The first is that we humans are primarily visual creatures. While we have five senses that work together, we mostly collect information about the world through sight. The second is that, like it or not, social media is here to stay. More than 70 percent of small businesses have some kind of a presence on social media. Those who don’t are destined to be left in the dust.

Those two concepts are what inspired us to create Business Snaps. More than 10 years of experience taught us that small businesses need every edge they can get to stay competitive. That’s why we developed an app that functions as a personal photo booth and editor, allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad to transform any photo into a distinctive marketing opportunity. Quickly and easily, you can add a logo, phone number, URL, stickers, frames and more to create beautiful and branded images. You can take photos through the app or import pictures already stored on your phone.

With Business Snaps, we deliver small businesses the edge they need in a creative, eye-catching way. If you need any support, contact us online or by email today.