The right technology should be simple to use. It should allow you to get your message out into the world in a way that grabs attention. It should give you the range of features you need, and make personalization a snap.

More than 10 years of experience has enabled us to make Business Snaps the right technology for your small business. Our app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to add logos, URLs, phone numbers, stickers, and other graphics in order to transform a picture into a unique marketing opportunity.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’ve got the perfect picture already saved in the Photos of your iPhone or iPad, branding is a breeze. Otherwise, you can take a picture directly from the app.
  • Once you’ve set up your office details and added your logo, the app automatically brands each image.
  • Need to relocate the logo? Simply touch the logo and drag it to its desired spot.
  • To make your pictures stand out from the crowd, you can easily add stickers or frames. That way your branded photo becomes a unique testimonial for your business.
  • Looking to get specific? You’ll find industry specific booster packs available as in-app purchases, offering stickers and frames unique to your industry. Make sure to check back, since we’re adding more all the time!
  • Stickers can be moved to any location with the swipe of a finger.
  • To utilize the customer photo booth option, simply turn on the timer option in Settings, and set up your iPad or iPhone. It’s a perfect option for Customer Appreciation Day or in a waiting area. This makes it an easy and fun way to give your business rave reviews that can be quickly shared on social media.

Ready to take your small business to the next level? You can download Business Snaps from the App Store now. We’re always available to answer questions and help out, and you can reach us online or by email today!

Social media is here to stay. From sharing your story through brief snippets about your business to sharing a photo of your business’s product, social media can grow your business and help you build your brand. But why is small business branding so important? There are many benefits to branding your business that you need to be aware of, and Business Snaps, a branded photo app created for you to help with your business branding, is an indispensable tool for marketing. Below, we’ll explain just a few of the benefits of branding and branded photos. Contact us today!


Helps to establish your brand.

What is a small business brand? A brand is who you are as a company. A brand can identify you instantly. You brand your business by selling your products and services to others. It’s customer recognition and loyalty all in one. It’s the reason people call you instead of the other guy — it’s customer service, customer experience, and quality all rolled into one. By using Business Snaps’ easy-to-use branded photo app, you’ll have a powerful visual tool for branding your business.

Increases customer engagement.

Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions a business has with its customers. It’s also the interactions between a business’s customers. But why is customer engagement important to a small business? Because customer engagement creates loyalty for your customers to your business, it keeps your business in front of the customer so he or she will remember you when they need your services again, and it increases cross-sells by the customer, which, in essence, is free marketing for you. Branded photos via Business Snaps app allow others to spread the word about you easily and frequently.

Business Snaps is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We do this through helping them create a brand identity through branded photos. Try out app today!